ImageMark Pro

Make your mark!

Instantly protect and share your photos & videos
with a custom watermark built in.

ImageMark Pro lets me easily mark and distribute
my images and videos freely on social media with a
custom watermark that promotes my blog.

– Chef Boy oh Boy,

Perfect for


Easily mark your photos for proofing, online viewing, or sharing on social media. Protect and get credit for your work wherever it goes.


With a custom watermark on your blog images, your fans can share them anywhere online, and they’ll be promoting your blog when they do it!


Mark your product images so that when viewers Pin or share your images, customers can always find your shop!


Make sure you get the proper credit and recognition for your news image and video posts. Your post may go viral, but the source will remain clear.


There are other apps that can add watermarks to images, but ImageMark Pro was developed with the help of video journalists, photographers, and online image makers to provide a flexible and intuitive video and photo marking solution for professionals or newbies alike.

One App for Both Photos and Videos

Watermark all of your visual content quickly with the same app. ImageMark Pro lets you easily switch from photo to video mode, and start protecting your intellectual property.

Load ‘em Up!

ImageMark Pro’s batch processing feature allows you to watermark an entire photoshoot or video series in just one step.

On Your Mark... Customize!

ImageMark Pro allows you to customize your watermark’s content, size positioning, color, and opacity to complement any video or image.

So Sociable!

Using ImageMark Pro means online sharing of your watermarked images and video to all major social media platforms is fast and easy.


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